Mincing no words, Asif accused the former president of corruption and said bombs were planted near Musharraf's house by his sympathizers and supporters.

Asked if 70-year-old Musharraf should be tried for 1999 coup, Asif said it was his personal opinion that he should.

"A case must be filed against Musharraf and his colleagues who toppled the government of PML-N in 1999. Similarly, inquiry of Kargil incident should also be held. Every citizen of the country is equal in the eye of law,” Asif said.

"The government shows generosity to keep Musharraf in his farmhouse. In the past, Nawaz Sharif and PML-N leadership were put behind the bar in Attock Fort," he added.

The government is trying to avoid confusion over Musharraf’s case and is giving him all facilities for dispensation of justice.

Musharraf is currently facing trial for subverting the Constitution in 2007.

Asked about bombs been repeatedly found around Musharraf's house, the Defence Minister said the former president possessed innumerable resources.

"Now Musharraf is purchasing the people and he is behind such nefarious activities. Sympathizers and supporters of Musharraf are rented people. Looted money is being used to safe the skin of Musharraf," he said.

Asked why there were no corruption cases against Musharraf, he said, "For record, the cases must be filed against Musharraf as far as corruption is concerned. I think treason case against Musharraf is the biggest case and if such case is proven that is enough.”

"Musharraf has property in Dubai and London worth of billion of dollars. How he acquired costly property?” he said.

Musharraf had recently in an TV interview said that he was happy that no one had accused him of corruption.


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