The Spring 2015 edition of the World Bank's South Asia Economic Focus, titled 'Making the most of cheap oil', states that the growth recovery is underway in Pakistan but this year it will only show moderate growth.

The WB prediction is in line with that of International Monetary Fund and the Asian Development Bank that are also seeing around 4.3 percent growth, a newspaper said.
The international projection is significantly lower than the official Finance Ministry target of 5.1 percent. World Bank said that South Asia is expected to grow at a fastest pace in the world, with India spearheading regional growth with a 7.5 percent growth rate.
Pakistan is only above the worst performing regional economy, Afghanistan, projected to grow at a rate of 2.5 percent.
Next year, Afghanistan will surpass Pakistan with 5 percent expected growth while Pakistan is projected to grow only at 4.6 percent.
The World Bank said Pakistan is helped by cheap international oil prices and steady implementation of its reforms programme. The agency has again highlighted power load-shedding, a cumbersome business environment, and low access to finance as obstacles to the growth.

The circular debt remains a major obstacle that the Bank estimated at Rs 245 billion.


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