"The Muslim world faces grave dangers in the situation that has risen in wake of the Saudi-Iran conflict," said Sartaj Aziz, adviser to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Foreign Affairs, while giving a policy statement in the National Assembly.

Aziz also expressed concern that terrorists can use the diplomatic crisis in Middle East to their advantage, the Dawn reported.

Aziz maintained that Pakistan will continue to play its role in easing tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia and it advocates unity among the Muslim countries. Aziz said the National Assembly would be given an in- camera briefing on the Saudi-Iran tensions.

"National interest will be given priority in the context of the diplomatic row in Middle East," he said. Earlier, Foreign Office yesterday regretted the attack at the Saudi embassy in Iran.

Saudi Arabia's execution of Shiite scholar Nimr al-Nimr sparked widespread protests in Shiite-majority countries in the Middle East, with a mob attacking the Saudi diplomatic mission in Tehran, following which Riyadh, Bahrain and Sudan severed diplomatic relations with Tehran, the main Shiite power.

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