New Delhi: In a surprising development, a stenographer working with the Tis Hazari Court in the national capital was terminated from her job on July 27 after she was found to be a Pakistan citizen.

Neelam Pahuja, daughter of Nanak Pahuja managed to get the job in Tis Hazari Court by submitting fake documents and was working with the court for the last seven months without anybody having a sense of it.

Her identity was revealed only when the court authorities were scrutinizing her documents- a regular procedure with anybody joining a government job undergoes.

Pahuja had applied for the job in December 2010 declaring her as a citizen of India.

On 13th December, she was recruited in the position of stenographer in grade 3. She was paid Rs 5200 per month.

However, when her documents were sent for police verification, her real identity was revealed.

Acting over the police report, District Judge Pratima Rani terminated Pahuja and ordered an inquiry into the entire episode.