US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is on a three-day visit here, said that he has discussed with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif the issue of taking stronger action against groups such as the Haqqani network and LeT.

Addresing a session at IIT-Delhi here, he said terror groups like Daesh, Al Qaeda, LeT and JeM can't be fought by a single nation alone.

"We are working on it. I have been working on this issue very hard. I have had many engagements with Nawaz Sharif. We have been talking on the sanctuaries in the western part of the country, how to deal more effectively with the Haqqani network and the LeT.

"It is clear that Pakistan has work to do in order to push harder against its indigenous groups that are engaged in terrorist activities. They must work with us to help clear sanctuary of bad actors who are affecting not only India-Pakistan relationship but also our ability to achieve peace and stability in Afghanistan," Kerry said. Kerry said Pakistan has fastened the process in the recent months.

John Kerry Takes A Dig At Delhi Rains

US Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday took a dig at Delhi rains during his interaction with IIT students, when he asked them, “Have you come here in boats.”

“You guys all deserve an award for being able to make it here today. I don’t know if you came here in boats or amphibious vehicles of some kind. I salute you for making it here,” he said.

Delhi and NCR witnessed a heavy downpour on Wednesday morning that caused waterlogging in many areas and massive traffic gridlocks in the national capital.

John Kerry's Visit To Religious Sites Cancelled

Kerry's proposed visit to three religious sites in the city was also cancelled as heavy rains lashed the national capital. Kerry was scheduled to visit the Gauri Shankar temple, Jama Masjid and Gurdwara Sisganj Sahib in the old Delhi area around 11 am today.

"The visit had to be cancelled due to heavy rains in Delhi," sources in the US Embassy said. He has had a difficult time with the city's traffic since he landed on Monday night.

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