New Delhi: The statement given by Bangladeshi High Commissioner to India Ahmed Tariq Karim on Monday that power-struggle between India and Pakistan may increase the tension in whole South Asian region is enough to suggest that the latter may use its nuclear weapons against the former.

Karim has handed over the pamphlet of 19 pages to senior BJP leader Lal Krishna Advani alarming India against nefarious intensions of Pakistan.  Advani has endorsed the letter in his blog in which Karim has said that Pakistan may wage nuclear war against India.
In the pamphlet, Karim has cited seven reasons which has created political crisis in Pakistan and weakened the democracy there.

Karim has opined that these are the Islamic principles imposed on Hindus. He further alleged that Pakistan is dominating Bangladesh. Strained US-Pak relations and Pakistan’s closeness to Iran and China is the sole reason behind the conflict between both the countries.

While agreeing to the statement given by the Bangladeshi High Commissioner, Advani wrote in his blog that the fierce competition between India and Pakistan to procure missile and nuclear arms and ammunitions is the reason for souring relations between the two countries.


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