New Delhi: Pakistan has now backtracked form its promise to cooperate with India in 26/11 probe as the proposed visit of the judicial panel to record the statements of the witnesses has been cancelled at the last moment.

The panel was supposed to arrive in the country on February 3 but the visit was cancelled by the Pakistani side at the last hour.

According to the sources, no information has been provided by Pakistan on the reason for cancellation or rescheduling of the panel’s visit. Islamabad has officially informed New Delhi only about the cancellation of the visit.

It is to be noted, the panel was to visit India to record the statements of Investigation Officer Ramesh Mahale of the Mumbai attacks and Magistrate RV Sawant Waghul who recorded the statement of arrested accused Ajmal Kasab.

The panel included Special Investigation Chief Khalid Qureshi of Federal Investigation Agency of Pakistani Judicial Commission and lawyers of the defence side.

For the record, India had given its nod to the judicial commission’s hosting during the home minister level talks last year. Pakistan had asked for statements of investigation officer, magistrate and other witnesses in India.

Moreover, the Indian side was least enthusiastic about Pakistan’s panel visit considering the slow pace of development of the hearing against the accused in Rawalpindi’s special court. Notably, four judges have been changed since the onset of hearing in 2009 while fifth judge is now hearing the case.