It is quite natural to view the personal visit of the Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari as an initiative to improve the relationship between the two countries. Such visits have a positive aspect of being free from the pressure of high expectations about their outcome and there happens to be no chance of losing anything. Despite this, it is facts that whenever there is any talk, formal or informal, between the leaders of the two countries, people begin to speculate about its result. Similarly, this time too, speculations are rife regarding the outcome of the meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Asif Ali Zardari. If the claims of the two leaders are to be believed, both have termed the meeting between them as fruitful and constructive. It is also being said that the two leaders discussed all the issues pertinent to the ties between the two nations. However, it is doubtful that during such a short span of 40 minutes of talks, it can be possible to touch all the issues like Kashmir dispute, terrorism, Siachen, Sir Creek, Visa facilities, trade between the two countries and cricket but it is possible that the two sides would definitely have discussed some of these issues at length and have agreed to take firm initiative. It is believed that we will have an idea in future about what transpired between the two in future. It is an affirmative development that the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh accepted the invitation of President Zardari and promised to visit the country when right time will come. Now it will be interesting to see when this right time comes. No doubt, the visit of the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will largely depend upon the actions taken by the Zardari regime and the latter’s government will be able to take any decision as per the expectations of the government of India only when the interference of the Pakistan army will be reduced. Although, the Pakistan government is trying to present itself as the real centre of power in the country but given the present unfavourable scenario prevailing in the country, it will be difficult for the Pakistan government.

Actually internal problems in Pakistan besides of the same created by the army and the intelligence agency are adding to the woes of the nation. Deterioration in its relationship with USA is also a problem confronted by the country. However, Pakistan is apparently challenging the status of the USA, but it is only because of growing rage among the people of Pakistan against USA. Pakistan government is well aware of the fact if USA chooses not to support the former in future, it will be difficult for the country to survive relying on mere Chinese support. There are sufficient reasons to believe that in present situation Pakistan has started to believe that it is left with no option but to improve its ties with India. Perhaps, this is the reason why Pakistan chose to declare India as the Most Favoured Nation and has also taken some substantial initiatives in this regard. But the problem is that it has not been able to take any such step to curb acts of terror in that country. In one hand, Pakistan has been telling the world that it is a victim of terrorism and at the same time it shows reluctance in acting against the elements that are inimical to India. It is not known what President Zardari pleaded in Ajmer at the holy shrine of Khwaza, but it will be in the interest of India to see strengthening of such civilian forces in Pakistan which supports a cordial relationship between the two countries.