Pakistan's Foreign Office (FO) said in statement between 90-100 militants entered Pakistani territory on Tuesday from recently established sanctuaries across the border in Khost province of Afghanistan.

The attack was repulsed by Pakistani troops inflicting casualties on the terrorists who fled back to Afghanistan leaving behind three dead bodies.

Four Pakistani soldiers died while fighting the attack.

"A strong protest has been lodged with Afghanistan over a physical attack launched by terrorists from across the border in the North Waziristan area," the FO said.

Pakistan's concerns were conveyed to the Afghan side on the developing threats from the recently established sanctuaries across the border in Khost and Paktika provinces.

Pakistan authorities said they expected all possible cooperation from the Afghan side at a time when the military is conducting an operation against the terrorists.

The FO also said that Kabul must take tangible steps to eliminate these sanctuaries and safe havens to avoid recurrence of such attacks.

Pakistan and Afghanistan frequently blame each other for cross border attacks by militants who easily cross over the border which is highly porous and cannot be fully secured.

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