Washington: Pakistan must meet certain expectations on counter-terrorism, including abidance to human rights standards and making economic reforms in order to maintain the ‘level’ of US assistance it has been receiving, Pentagon in a statement said.

"One of the things the Pakistanis have experienced themselves is that, you know, for Congress to support the level of assistance that we provide to them, both civilian and military, certain expectations have to be met, whether it's cooperation in counter-terrorism, whether it's abiding by human rights standards, whether it's dealing with the IMF to make economic reforms," Under Secretary of Defence for Policy, Michele Flournoy said.

She said US was trying to convince Pakistan that they too have a stake in a stable Afghanistan, in a stable region, in reasserting governance over their own territory.

"We view al-Qaeda, Haqqani, the Taliban, these are all part of a syndicate of groups that help each other. The Pakistanis tend to make finer distinctions between them – you know, not being tolerated -- tolerant to some, like al-Qaeda, but otherwise tolerating others. We are trying to work with them to shift that perspective and shift that calculus," she said.

The Pentagon official said that Pakistan needs to continue and improve cooperation across the range on counter-terrorism.