Apart from that, Pakistan has also adopted a tough stance on several issues even before the formation of a new government in India. The strife-torn nation’s tone strikes a note of cacophony and several insinuations are subtly but clearly saying that it is busy in creating new obstacles in terms of defence and diplomatic affairs till the formation of a new government in India.

Taking part in nuclear summit conference, Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made ‘good use’ of his Europe tour and hinted towards forestalling Kashmir issue, adopting a tough stand towards India.

In fact, Nawaz Sharif, who promised to give a boost to the process of dialogue with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh just a few months back, seems to have changed his stance again, similar of what most of the Pakistani leaders have done in the past.

During his meeting with US Secretary of State John Kerry in Hague, Sharif called for third-party interference in the Kashmir issue. Though Pakistani leaders, time and again, kept on raising this issue in international arena, every nation overlooked it mainly due to India’s tough stand over it.

Pakistan has made a u-turn over the issue of giving Most Favoured Nation (MFN) status to India as well, which is meant to give a boost to bilateral trade between both the countries.

During his Europe tour, Nawaz Sharif had categorically stated that he has put a plan to give MFN status to India on hold as no consensus could be reached on it.

It needs to be mentioned here that Pakistan is dilly-dallying over the MFN issue for the past few months. It’s also being said that the Pakistani Army is not in favour of giving an easy commercial passage to India.

Meanwhile, there are also reports of an increase in infiltration along the borders in a bid to give a fillip to cross-border terrorism.

According to intelligence agencies, several terrorist groups are shifting their camps from southern region of Pir Panjal range towards the northern area, so that they can make way to densely populated areas of Kashmir in less time.

Besides, the infiltration of foreign terrorists is also being promoted from across the border. US troops along with NATO forces will start leaving Afghanistan soon within a few weeks after formation of new government at the Centre.

The instability in Afghanistan and Pakistan’s proximity to Taliban forces are posing a major strategic threat to India. It also needs to be kept in mind that Nawaz Sharif has also invited hardcore Taliban groups for initiating peace talks few days back.


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