New Delhi: Terming Pakistan as the "main proliferator of atomic bombs in Middle East", a former Israeli Army General has alleged that Islamabad was supporting the Syrian nuclear weapons programme and was behind nuclear proliferation in the Arab world.

Visiting India to interact with defence and security experts, Brig Gen (retd) Shalom Harari said, "Israel recently got information that Pakistan was supporting the nuclear weapon program of Syria by supplying it some of the key components.

"Based on the fact that Pakistan helped Iran and is behind proliferation of nuclear weapons all over the world, if you ask me today to paint the Axis of Evil, I think Pakistan should also be part of it along with Syria, Iran and North Korea," he said.

An expert of ideology and structure of Islamic terrorist organizations, Harari headed the Palestinian Affairs Department at the Israeli Ministry of Defense for thirteen years.

He is currently working as a Research Associate with the Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) in the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, a counter-terrorism consultant to governments in Europe and Asia.

He said that Pakistan was also involved in Libyan nuclear programme and has supplied them some of the key components.

"Pakistani and its nuclear scientist A Q Khan were involved in Libyan nuclear program. Khan was involved in the Uranium program by supplying them atomic detonators. Pakistan is actually the main proliferator of atomic bombs in the Middle East to Islamic states," Harari said.