Although no one was willing to speak on record because of instructions from the cricket board but a team official said everyone in the team was angry because of the reports.
"This is getting too much. Every time our team starts doing well or wins a series, these baseless reports come up. There is a lobby that wants to demoralize our players," the official said.
He said the board had told the players to remain focused on their cricket and the T20 match scheduled for today and they would handle the issue.
British tabloid has claimed in a report that suspicious betting patterns were identified during the five-match series between Pakistan and West Indies, while unusually slow run-rates during certain overs followed by bursts of high scoring which had set alarm bells ringing in the International Cricket Council.
The report stated that "concerns were raised, in particular, around the tied third match of the series played in St Lucia a week ago on Friday, as well as the final game, which resulted in a last-ball win for Pakistan."
The second ODI, which saw Pakistan fail to score a run off the bat in the first five overs after being set 233 to win, will also be scrutinized by officers of the ICC Anti-Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU), the report said.
According to the report, one betting website reported "unusually large sums of money being wagered between innings on a tied result during the third ODI after the West Indies were set 230 to win from 50 overs."
Pakistan's former captain, Rashid Latif, who in 1994 blew the whistle on match fixing and had also warned the ICC in advance about the menace of spot fixing, said the Daily Mail report needed to be taken seriously.


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