New Delhi: Competing with India which recently test-fired its 5,000 kn range Agni V missile, Pakistan successfully test-fired its nuclear capable Shaheen 1A ballistic missile on Wednesday morning.

The missile boasts of a range of 4,500 km which is enough to hit targets deep in the neighbouring countries. However, military officials are yet to confirm the range of the missile.

Pakistan had informed India that it is going to test fire its new Shaheen missile between April 24-29 and therefore it must stop its air traffic ahead of the missile launch and change the routes of all the commercial flights headed to Gulf countries and Africa as a precautionary measure.

Pakistan has always strived to compete with India in the arms race. Within a week of India’s nuclear test in 1998, Pakistan had also test fired its nuclear missile. Not only this, it has been testfiring its Gauri and Shaheen missiles within a short time of India’s weapon tests.

Pakistan had informed of the ballistic missile launch to India under the existing agreement between the two nations. Before test-firing its Agni V missile from Wheeler island off Odisha coast, India had also informed Pakistan about the launch.

After Agni V, India has now joined the select club of six nations capable of possessing the nuclear capable missile having a strike range of over 5,000 km. With this, India has now acquired the ability to hit targets in Asia including China and many other parts of the world. Seeing this Pakistan has also made an effort to prove its arms capability at par with India.