Sharif made the remarks during a visit to the National Command Centre (NCC), part of the structure that controls the country's nuclear arsenal, and a weapons storage site.
"Pakistan wants peace in the region and is not in any arms race. Pakistan’s strategic capability will continue to follow its policy of credible minimum deterrence," he was quoted as saying in an official statement.
Sharif expressed satisfaction at the "secure and fool-proof security architecture" in place for the safety of Pakistan’s strategic assets.
The premier was briefed on an indigenously developed strategic command, control and support system, designed to facilitate decision-making at the NCC.
He was given a demonstration of the connectivity of country wide strategic assets through an exclusive network, ensuring effective control over strategic assets by the National Command Authority.
Strategic Plans Division chief Lt Gen (retired) Khalid Kidwai informed the premier that the NCC is a highly secure and fully protected facility.
Sharif later visited a technical site where he was briefed by the head of the Army's Strategic Force Command.     

Finance Minister Ishaq Dar‚ Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee Chairman Gen Khalid Shamim Wynne and senior military officers and scientists were present on the occasion.