Dil Bagh Singh, Sunil and two other Indians have completed their terms but they are still anguishing in jail. An Interior Ministry official on Tuesday informed the board that the government was taking steps to repatriate the prisoners who had completed their sentence. "Verification of nationality is required for the release of the foreign prisoners. And the process is underway," he said.

Meanwhile, a provincial review board comprising three judges of the Lahore High Court has turned down a Punjab government's request to extend detention period of a 'prime suspect' involved in attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in 2009. Police on Thursday produced Zubair alias Naik Muhammad, before the review board and sought one-month extension in the detention.

Police were of the view that the release of the accused could be a threat to law and order situation in the province. Counsel of the detainee opposed the government's request, saying the allegations on his client were baseless. After hearing both sides, the board declined the government's request to extend the detention of the accused.


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