Chandigarh: Hundreds of traders and businessmen from across the border have come to participate in the third ‘Made In Pakistan’ trade fair organized by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

Participating for the second time, Isa Mohammad, a spice and perfume trader from Pakistan who also deals in dry fruits at the fair says, “We are dealers and look for profits. But here we are not only earning the profits but are also getting love from this country. Even the language is similar to ours which makes us forget that we are away from our homeland.”

He said although he is from Peshawar and speaks Urdu but knows Punjabi as well. He said, “The love we receive from the customers remains fresh till our next visit.”

Shahzad Ahmad, a wood and stone artifacts trader from Lahore says, “Though earning remains the foremost importance for a businessman but when we earn love and affection from the customers, it’s an icing on the cake.”

He says, “There were bitter relations between the two nations for a long time and even wars were fought but now there is no room for such a thing.” He believes that with the rise in trade, the differences between the two countries is fading off.”

CII (Northern region head) Pikender Pal Singh believes that such contacts between people of two countries help strengthen the cultural and social fabric.