Defence Minister Arun Jaitley, at the same time, said India is ready to have talks with Pakistan if it creates the environment for that.
He noted that for the last fews days, there have been just sporadic incidents unlike the "huge number" of violations by Pakistan earlier.
"... When Pakistan fires, either in International border, the BSF responds, they fire in LoC, the Army responds. Our conventional strength is far more than theirs and therefore if they persist with this, the cost to them would be unaffordable. They will also feel the pain of this kind of adventurism," Jaitley said.
"...Ordinarily when Pakistan used to have (indulge in) these incidents, there was some response that we would have. But we always had a shield in our hand. This time we also had a sword in our hand," Jaitley said.
Referring to the recent firing and shelling by Pakistan on the International Border and Line of Control, he said this time the violations were high and therefore the response had to be proportionate.

"When you cross the line, this becomes wholly unacceptable," he said.
On dialogue, Jaitley said the government has never said it will not talk to Pakistan.
"Of course we are ready to talk. It is for Pakistan to create the environment for talk. That is the message which has been given to Pakistan", he said.

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