Meerut: In a revelation which could attest ongoing infiltration from neighbouring country, the police have confirmed that they have arrested a Pakistani national named Kamil alias Kamar Mohammed here on Tuesday.

According to the police, Kamil had been living illegally in different parts of the country for the last 18 years. After getting the report of his finger print, the police arrested him with the help of Army Intelligence.

The police and the intelligence agencies are trying to ascertain if he has any link with ISI or Al–Quaeda.

He was first tracked down by the Army and the police intelligence wing on December 26, 2010 when he used to live in Dr Sen lane of Meerut. He was taken into custody for interrogation, but the police had let him off after finding nothing substantial against him.

Dainik Jagran in its article published on January 31, 2010 categorically reported that he was a Pakistani national and was spying for his country, which later confirmed.

DIG Prem Prakash said that Kamil was a Pakistani national and was living illegally in Meerut. He was a native of Lahore in Pakistan and living in house no 95 F Chowk Rang Mahal, he added.       
First time, he came to India in 1990 for 15 days. Again, he visited India on January 17, 19191 on three-month visa and went back to Pakistan.

Intelligence sources claim that when he came to India for the third time in 1993, he mentioned that he would stay in Delhi and Mumbai and thereafter Kamil landed in Meerut and settled there.