Washington: Innocent Pakistanis have been victims of terrorism, the United States said on Thursday adding that the menace poses a greater threat to the country as a whole.

"It is no secret that innocent Pakistanis have been victims of terrorism in the thousands and thousands," State Department spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters at her news conference.
"This is one of the reasons that we work so hard with the government of Pakistan to strength, deepen and improve the counterterrorism relationship that we have," she said.
"It's not just about the region as a whole. It's also about the threat of terrorism to Pakistanis," Nuland said responding to questions on the ongoing sectarian conflict in the country.

Meanwhile, United States also said that there is no move to remove old foe Cuba from the list of state sponsor of terrorism. "Let me say firmly here it is incorrect. This department has no current plans to remove Cuba from the state sponsor of terrorism list," Nuland said when asked about news reports that Secretary of State John Kerry is in discussions on possibly removing Cuba from the list.
"We review this every year, and at the current moment  when the last review was done in 2012, we didn't see cause to remove them. We'll obviously look at it again this year, but as I said, we don't have any plans at the moment," she said.


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