Washington:  Pakistani people's views on India have grown "increasingly negative" in recent years and a majority of them see their neighbor as a bigger threat than al-Qaeda and the Taliban, according to a new poll.

The poll results released by Pew Research Centre on Tuesday showed that three-in-four have an unfavorable opinion of India, up from 50 per cent five years ago.

"Pakistani views of traditional rival India have grown increasingly negative in recent years," it said, noting that about 57 per cent of Pakistanis feel that India is a bigger threat to their country than al-Qaeda (5 per cent) and the Taliban (19 per cent).

However, according to the poll, seven-in-ten believe that it is important to improve relations with India, say increased trade with their neighbor would be a good thing, and support further talks to reduce tensions between the two countries.

Similarly, Indians expressed negative opinions of Pakistan. About 65 per cent have an unfavorable view on Pakistan with 65 per cent name it as India's biggest threat.

Like Pakistanis, Indians also want to see improved relations between the two countries and most support increased trade between India and Pakistan.