The killing of Osama bin Laden by American Navy Seal on Pakistan’s soil has exposed the stark reality of Pakistan that the country is no less than a hub of terrorists. On international forum Pakistani authorities always made tall claims of being proactive in the war against terrorism, on the other cataclysmic terrorist like Osama bin Laden was allowed to hide in its cantonment area. With the world knowing its double face, Pakistan is trying to distract attention by doing sabre-rattling against India. In fact Pakistan does not want to browbeat India rather it is trying to drum up anti-India feelings. It would be wise for India that it should not involve in verbal slugfest with Pakistan, but our policy makers must know that observing restraint will not gain anything going by Pakistan’s intention. Earlier, India has shown its friendly gesture on several occasions, but it has come to naught. Whenever India extends its friendly hand, Pakistan back-stabs. When India takes tough stand, Pakistan spreads a message that India has become adamant and does not want to move on. India should earnestly think over its foreign policy for Pakistan, which seems to have lost its sheen if current state of affairs between the two countries is taken into consideration. It is clear that India does not manage to create pressure on Pakistan through dialogues. Whenever there is a dialogue Pakistan gets some kind of liberty but India is left empty handed. And in future too establishing dialogue with Pakistan will be a moribund for India as Pakistan is now professing that demand for punishing culprits of Mumbai attack is antediluvian.

It will be day-dreaming for India that Pakistan will dismantle terror networks criss-crossing on its soil which is used against India. In order to keep Pakistan involved and engage international community, India should continue its stand on the bilateral issue but it is equally important to go beyond the round table as Pakistan’s diplomacy is not reliable and effective. Keeping the view that Pakistan is a neighbouring country and anarchism ruling the roost there India needs to tread cautiously. War is not a solution but there is a need to explore other options too to exert pressure on Pakistan. Now, there is a buzz that India should act like America to catch up with the perpetrators who unleashed terror in India and are hiding in Pakistan. India has capabilities to carry out such operation, which was corroborated by Army chief himself, but it does not mean that this is the only option as it will let divided Pakistan get radicalized and stand together against India firmly.