The decision of the Indian government of not sending its judicial commission to Pakistan in connection with the 26/11 terror attack on Mumbai is not unusual. The government shouldn’t have taken any such initiative as Pakistan administration looks least interested in bringing the perpetrators of 26/11 to book. Very well aware of Pakistan’s intentions, Indian government shouldn’t have agreed to sending its judicial commission to Pakistan and vice versa. This was a futile effort as it became aptly clear from the visit of the Pakistan’s judicial commission to India. We should be least hopeful that the commission based on the information accumulated from India would act against the culprits of Mumbai terror attack presently residing in Pakistan. A big reason behind such a stance is the massive support for Hafiz Saeed in the neighbouring country. Though time and again it has been proved that Saeed is the mastermind of the attack and the chief of Lashkar-e-Taiyyaba, the Pakistan government hails him as a social activist. Even after the confession of David Headley an accused in the 26/11 terror attack, Pakistan’s support to Hafiz Saeed reveals everything. On the other hand, Saeed daring America to carry out an Abbottabad like operation to kill him speaks volumes about the reality. Saeed threw up this challenge after America announced a bounty on his head. What is interesting is that Saeed made these statements in Rawalpindi, just nearby to the army headquarters. Such an incident proves that Hafiz Saeed enjoys the support of the Pakistan administration and the army.

The bounty announced on Hafiz Saeed’s head has given some glimmer of hope to India but this realization by the US has come a little late? Merely by urging Pakistan to act against the attackers won’t do. The issue of Hafiz Saeed has come at a time when Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari is to make a personal visit to India. During the visit Zardari is expected to meet Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Though the meeting will be a formality, issues like the 26/11 attack can be discussed. The Prime Minister should express his displeasure over Pakistan’s attitude in bringing the terror elements of 26/11 to book. The law makers of the country in the name of moving forward should not term it as a forgone incident as it will be extremely disappointing.