It looks like a fat vegetable peeler, and in the space of the blade you get a roller covered with micro abrasive particles (think sandpaper type). This roller rotates when powered with four AA batteries and aims to get dead skin off your feet.

The foot file is ergonomic with its rubber-coated handle that is easy to grip and the roller can be easily removed to wash after use.

All one has to do is twist the switch and run the roller on the dry sections of your foot. There is no question of hurting your skin because if you apply extra pressure, the roller stops moving.

One can see the difference immediately after the first use. After regular use, our feet were softer than they had ever been these past few months.

On extremely dry feet, it’s time consuming, but for those with better cared-for feet, the process is quick. The product can’t be used on wet skin so one needs to wash their feet after use, and finish off with a moisturising cream.

This product is meant for those who are cleanliness freaks, and fear dropping by nail salons in case their skin gets infected, and for those like us who haven’t come across 24-hour salons to head to post work.

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