A diktat was issued by Phulwaria panchayat that banned girls from wearing jeans and T-shirts, and also imposed a ban on keeping mobile phones.

"It was decided at the panchayat meeting...attended by Mukhiya Savitri Devi and Block Development Committee member Vidyavati Devi," district official said.

According to officials, panchayat meeting also decided to oust girls from the school if they violated the diktat.

Savitri Devi said that they will persuade parents of the girls to accept the decision.

"The decision was taken in view of increasing influence of western culture among the girls," she said.

Most of the people attended general body meeting supported the decision. A few days back, Singha panchayat in Hathua block of the district, had banned girls from wearing jeans and using mobile phones claiming that these increased the chance of the girls "going astray".

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