Bathinda: To get rid of tiresome and long legal procedures, huge expenses incurred and delayed judgments, villagers of Poohla have rechristened their village Panchayat into ‘High Court of poohla’ that delivers on the spot judgment based on mutual understanding between the warring parties.

The jury member of the court consists of retired army personnel, policeman in the village and some members of the local panchayat.

Earlier, the village court was called ‘Saanjhi Sathh’ which was renamed as ‘High Court of poohla’ around six months back. 

The credibility of the court could be gauged by the fact that even the police consult them while solving some of the local cases of crime.

Recounting the initiation of the tale of justice, villagers say that the first one of the villagers late Bharpur Singh had a platform constructed where the villagers used to assemble, both for general meeting as well sorting out the issues of the villagers.

After Singh’s death, the villagers got a shed constructed on the raised platform and named it as ‘High Court’ with a dual purpose of paying tributes to the concerned villagers and deriving inspiration from a high office of a high court.

Lauding the initiative of the villagers, president of Bathinda District Bar Association, Rajan Garg says if all village panchayats would follow the example of Poohla, courts would get rid of the extra burden. The view was echoed by the Bathinda SSP.