Referring to the suggestions made by the committee as a "historic" achievement, Javadekar said that his ministry will complete its consultation process in the shortest possible time and will move ahead.     

"We have tried to give some the air and water pollution areas, the accountability is low and the systems are not well in place. The processes are long,” Javadekar said.

"We have tried to reduce inspector raj, bring a system where the project proponents makes a commitment and they are enforced with the use of science and technology. So the environment improves and project processes also get improved," Former Cabinet secretary and panel chief T S R Subramanian told reporters.
The panel had been asked to review five key green laws concerning protection and conservation of environment, forest, wildlife, water and air among others.

"The main recommendation and the thrust of the committee is to ensure that there are proper processes, amendments to the laws which will bring in more transparency and accountability, responsibility on the project proponents and avoid delays.
"At the same time the compliance will be at the heart of the thing. The suggestions and recommendations made by this committee is a historical achievement," Javadekar said.

Elaborating on the broad goals of the panel, Subramanian said that environment is supreme and it should not get adversely affected.
"On the other hand, development is imperative as we need power, roads, etc. How to balance the two in such a manner that there is no damage the environment despite the development, has been our goal and hopefully we have succeeded in this regard," he said.

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