Mumbai: The unit of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Ek Thi Dayaan had an unassuming visitor on Wednesday night at their sets in Filmcity. After an Indian panther came calling, all the members of the cast and crew ran away from the sets fearing an attack. Apparently, the big cat has been staying below the set every night since the past three nights.

Kannan Iyer, the director of the film, says, “Yes, it is an Indian panther that has made its home below the sets. We had often seen the pugmarks on the sets as we are shooting in the night these days. Many people in the unit spotted the panther on Wednesday night and everyone started running here and there. They were all shouting, ‘Cheetah!’. But it turned out to be a panther.”

Apparently, Emraan was on the sets when this incident took place. The director adds, “It’s a huge set with many entry and exit points. The first thing we did was to shut all of them one by one. Secondly, we stayed in groups. It did hamper some time of ours for the shoot but we continued after we made sure that everything was in place.”

On whether he has complained to the authorities, Kannan laughed it off saying, “I guess the panther should be the one to complain as we are shooting at the edge at the Filmcity. In fact the day I came to visit the sets, I saw a cobra just three feet away from me and a couple of days back, the unit members saw a massive python around the sets. So, I guess they are just visiting the sets every now and then.”


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