Plaudit to Allahabad High Court for understanding the plight of passengers and ordering the evacuation of Railway tracks occupied by Jats protesting for quota in Central Government services. Following this order, next day itself, the rail tracks were cleared showing the wrong motive of the Jats who were adamant towards setting up a wrong precedent. This erroneous precedent was presented because the state government as well as the Centre blindfolded themselves from their responsibilities. It is utterly shameful that both the state governments of Haryana and Uttar Pradesh as well as the Central government just adopted a ‘sit and watch’ policy letting the High Court come for the rescue of the hassled passengers. The two state governments and the Centre very well knew that the disruption of trains due to the Jat agitation was causing problems for the passengers. However, they preferred to sit ‘deaf and dumb’ and let the situation takes it turn. Were these rail tracks out of India? Weren’t those lakhs of suffering Railway passengers Indians? Can our political leaders represent a worse example of maladministration, cruelty and political narrow-mindedness than this? After all, what kind of democracy is this where people in administration are seen adopting anti-public posture and in return do not even take the pains to feel apologetic? What can one term this other than political brazenness? Undoubtedly, such leaders like the Jats were fully aware of the fact that suffering passengers will be cursing them for being harassed just before the festival of Holi. But this had no affect on them and the Jats unabashedly continued their strikes and leaders stuck to their slack attitude. Our political leaders sat hand-in-hand because they dared not to upset their vote-bank. Also, the common men’s misery is not on their list of concern.   

After Allahabad High Court’s order, the statement issued by the Uttar Pradesh government that the Jats cleared the rail tracks following its appeal, is not only starkly whacky but also far from being true. And if this is true, then why did it not make such an appeal on the first day of the Jat agitation? It’s not only the UP government but Haryana government too has been a mute spectator to the whole stir. The only statement made by them in this regard was that the Jats should not harm public property. Doesn’t the disruption of number of trains causing inconvenience to thousands amount to any kind of damage? The way the problems, emancipated by this agitation, have been ignored is a humiliation for the nation. It is doubtful that even the Allahabad High Court’s order will be able to make the people in administration feel more responsible about their duties and make them realize that they are crossing the limit of irresponsibility. Our leaders and administrators are becoming more irresponsible day by day. Doubts loom over the conduct of Jat leaders as well who wrongly incited people of their community and caused immense problems to the public by their stir. It is hard to comprehend that these people will learn any lesson from the High Court’s order. Therefore, It is the need of the hour to initiate constitution of a setup which would straightjacket the disrupting elements so that they are unable to hold the society as hostage. If in this context, the political leaders refuse to turn on their consciousness, then it is anticipated that the judiciary shall don its hat of responsibility and take steps to initiate a proper setup to arrest such agitating elements.