Anupam said: "It is hard to believe that we made 'Buddha in a Traffic Jam' long before the JNU incident. The parallels are so uncanny that anyone who watches our film would think we've actually made the film after seeing what happened at the JNU."

"Cinema as a medium, can be a tool of change. We've shown how 'change' is sometimes a pretext for a power game," he added. There are hard hitting anti-establishment dialogues throughout the film. But it has sailed through the censor board without a single cut.

"Yes, we have not had to face a single cut. That's the beauty of Indian democracy. Everybody gets a chance to say what he or she wants," said the actor. The film's director Vivek Agnihotri said the film is based on his own experiences during his student days.

"I was half Naxal when I came out of my university. Later, I realized I was brainwashed by my professors. So, I decided to make a film on that. Never thought that four years later it will come true in JNU," he added.

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