CrossCountry, a train operating company in Britain, have released the findings of a new research that says that 43 percent parents prefer train travel when accompanied by their children, reports a website.

Not only do most parents agree that travelling by train with the children makes life easier, it seems it provides other benefits too.

Forty percent parents say their children get a better understanding of geography by travelling by train and 34 percent of the parents, who took part in the survey, believe their children benefit from spending more quality time with their family.

The other positives of travelling by train is the luxury of gazing out of the window as 57 percent say their children enjoy the scenery and talking about the sights they pass. Parents said they also liked to travel by train as 51 percent agreed it was often quicker than driving.

CrossCountry have teamed up with Mumsnet, one of the largest website for parents in Britain, to launch the top tips for parents when travelling with children on trains.