New Delhi, Jan 16 (Agencies): After weeks of confusion over age limit and nature of selection procedure, parents seeking nursery admission for their wards are now blaming the school authorities for violation of rules.

Though the guidelines issued by the Directorate of Education (DoE), Delhi, were believed to be providing some relief, parents feel this year's nursery admission will be chaotic and full of controversies.

Parents and experts allege that taking advantage of the leverages given by the DoE guidelines; schools across the city are trying their best to make some good money.

Parents allege that some schools are asking for huge sums to book their child's seat while others are profiling their education and income, openly violating the Right to Education (RTE) Act.

RP Mallik, chairman of the Federation of Public Schools in Delhi, acknowledges the violations by schools but says no action can be taken as there is no solid proof.

"We have been hearing about such violations, but have not received a single written complaint, how can we take any action?”

Sumit Vohra, who runs, an online forum of parents, said many schools in the city have been asking parents to pay huge sums to ensure their child's admission.

"Many parents have informed us about such activities by schools. It's very unfortunate and seems to be an easy way of making money," he said.