London: A growing number of new parents are turning to Google to decide their child's name, which is 'unique' and does not cause them a lifetime of embarrassment.

According to the daily, most parents are 'Googling' a baby's potential name to try avoiding names that bring up an undesirable search result.

Some are basing the decision on what baby name will be unique enough to rise to the top of search results. For example, an American couple, Lecia and Thor Kaslofsky, changed the spelling of the name they wished to give their baby daughter from 'Kalia' to 'Kaleya', as the first version pulled up pictures and search results of strippers, after they Googled it.

"We didn't want there to be a Google identity for her to wrestle with," the couple told the media person.

Laura Wattenberg, the author of 'The Baby Name Wizard', pointed out that a desire for uniqueness in the digital world has provoked 'unspoken competition' between parents to find the most original name.

A study on LilSugar, a US site for parents, discovered that 64 percent of respondents had Googled their baby's potential name before making the final decision.