Waghela also said the people have refused to accept Rawal as he is a part of “VVIP culture”.
"He is a part of VVIP culture. He has nothing to do with the people. People are against him," said Waghela.

“Paresh Rawal should decide. He should quit acting as a profession and be with the people full time,” he added.

Waghela said the fight was not between him and Paresh Rawal but between the common man’s suffering and corruption.
"The fight is against the dynasty of terror unleashed in Gujarat by Narendra Modi because of which people are afraid to speak out openly," he said.

Waghela further said the Aam Aadmi Party’s entry was to complete the independence of India in a true sense.
"The independence of India was incomplete. The power was centered around the national and state capitals. But we want to drive the power to ‘gramsabhas and mohalla sabha’," he added.

The Lok Sabha polls in Gujarat will be held on April 30.


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