The yet to be titled movie is Rawal’s second venture as a producer and is to be directed by US based NRI filmmaker Mitesh Patel. The movie is based on the BJP Prime Ministerial candidate’s life story. Currently Patel is busy zeroing down on shooting location for the movie. Sources close to the project said that Rawal was the director’s obvious first choice to play Modi.

Talking about his role in the movie Paresh hopes that he is able to do full justice to it. The actor also added that the Gujarat CM is a good poet and whenever he needs help writing the script he takes Modi’s advice.

When he approached to take permission for the biopic, Modi said that he had no objection with it and that they could go ahead and make the biopic.

According to Mitesh, after Sardar Patel, Modi is the only politician who can be tagged as a true leader of the masses. Mitesh wishes that the movie helps educate more people about Modi’s life and work.


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