"...last week, in Paris, nearly 200 nations forged an historic agreement that was only possible because of American leadership," Obama told reporters at his annual year-end press conference at the White House yesterday.

"US had been working with other countries, culminating in the joint announcement with China, bringing in India, bringing in Brazil and the other big, emerging countries, working with the Europeans and getting this done", he added.

Obama said, “When he went to Copenhagen, he engaged in 24 hours of diplomacy to salvage from a pretty chaotic process the basic principle that all countries had to participate,  that we couldn't have a rigid division between developed countries and developing countries when it came to solving this problem".
"This would not have happened without American leadership. And, by the way, the same is true for the Iran nuclear deal. The same is true for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The same is true for stamping out Ebola – something, you guys may recall from last year, which was the  potential end of the world," he added.

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