Los Angeles: The 30-year-old socialite Paris Hilton will be turning into a monster to seduce a high school student for a hit MTV show.

Hilton is set to make a cameo appearance on the hit MTV show 'The Hard Times of RJ Berger', a magazine reported.

She appears as herself in a dream sequence and flirts with RJ's high school sidekick Miles.

As their eyes meet, Hilton compliments the starstruck student, "You are so hot."

But the chance encounter doesn't end well as expected. After Miles has a few moments with his dream girl, Hilton undergoes a startling transformation, to become the devil, complete with fangs, and the teen runs away screaming.

Jareb Dauplaise who plays Berger, said that he was thrilled to work with Hilton, who is also currently filming her own reality series, 'The World According to Paris'.

"I was lucky enough to have the scene with her, and Paris is great. She's beautiful, and my mom's a big fan of Paris Hilton. Actually, my mom got to meet Paris, and they got along great," said Dauplaise.