Awareness is the first necessity of democracy. All sorts of continuous efforts are essential for this awareness. More aware the people become, the country's development
journey will be clear and transparent. The people's participation makes democratic system vibrant. Whatever the reasons may be in our country, definition of democracy can't be restricted to elections. The democracy strengthens by people's participation. Therefore, there can be different ways to it. Many people died for nation during freedom struggle. Gandhiji converted this passion for independence into a mass revolt. He instilled spirit of patriotism in every countryman.

Even management experts and well versed personalities can not understand that a handful of salt may be instrumental behind unseating the British. It happened, because this movement was supported by the masses. Had the country gotten inspired with Gandhiji and paid importance to his model, the dependency upon the government for every little thing would have ended. Gadhiji's model had involved the people's participation. It's need of the hour to make country's development journey a mass movement. Every citizen of the country should feel that he is ready to take the nation to new heights. We have the responsibility of taking our work and nation ahead. These days, the government is working upon 'Swachh Bharat' which is being turned into mass movement. It would become troublesome if any government starts working on this project. After working, it can make news that Modi talks a lot but there is not much of cleanliness. But then is there no need to create that environment in the nation? One can see the difference if the conscience of the society is awakened with much generosity.

It is a difficult task for people to give up gas subsidy. It gives me immense pleasure to say it today that 52 lakh people surrendered their LPG subsidy. It is a fine example of how the society is changing. The government said the subsidy being given up by these people will be pass on to those who use wood as fuel for cooking. A total of 46 lakh people who are not using gas cylinders got benefited. We are talking about the rules made in the days of British rule. We were slaves at that time. Shouldn't there be any amendment to the laws after independence so that we can trust upon the people more. I cite a small example. What were you supposed to do when you had certificates? You had to get them attested by a gazetted officer. He/she too just put stamp on the documents due to scarcity of time. I said that there is no need for it. It is the era of xerox. It will be investigated in case of need. Our ideology is to trust the people and their capabilities. We can strengthen the democracy in true sense only by trusting the people of this nation.

We have two major challenges before democracy. One is 'Mantantra' and another is 'Moneytantra'. Nation cannot run on 'Mantantra'. The system will not change according to your views. Whatever views I have, I have to share with the public. We have to dilute ourselves. We have to connect with the people. Second major concern is 'Moneytantra'. In a poor country like India, 'Moneytantra' is a threat to democracy. We have to focus on how to save our democracy from 'Moneytantra'. In our country, journalism has been going on a mission mode. There was a time when we did journalism on mission mode to remove evils. The second time we did this to attain independence. Third objective was to raise voice against injustice. Sometimes, I have talked about minimum government and maximum governance. There was a time in our country when government was proud that how many laws it made. I thought in another direction. My idea is that after completing my 5 years tenure as a PM, can I be able to repeal one law each day? There has been a discussion over two sectors in economic growth. One is private sector and another is public sector. I have added one more sector and that is personal sector. Small entrepreneurs play an important role in our economy. If we want to make development a people's movement, we will have to come out of its periphery. Can't we make this personal sector strong? We can tap their skills by empowering them. For this, we have made a plan, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana under which, no guarantee is mandatory for giving loan. So far, we have sanctioned loans worth Rs 42,000 crore.

An important bill which seeks to enhance the bonus amount of the poor in jobs from Rs 3,500 to Rs 7,000 is pending with the Parliament due to pandemonium created by the Opposition. The bill also seeks to increase the salary ceiling for giving bonuses from the existing Rs 7,000 to Rs 21,000. Is this not directly working for the poor? But it is really distressful to say that poor is being able to get their rights as Parliament is not running properly. That's why we are requesting that the Parliament be allowed to function smoothly. We are talking about the GST and the Parliament only. There cannot be a bigger platform than the Parliament for discussions, debates and conversations. But if we negate this institution itself, there will be question mark on democracy.

Edited excerpts from PM Narendra Modi's speech at Jagran Forum.