Kolkata: Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee on Monday said the Parliament that will take a final call on what should be the shape of the Lokpal Bill.

Mukherjee’s statement came a day ahead of Anna Hazare’s three-day fast in Mumbai against a ‘weak’ Lokpal Bill.

He said, “It is the job of Parliament to legislate. Government had several rounds of meeting with Anna Hazare and his team. Government is aware of their viewpoint. Nine rounds of meetings have been held already.”

When asked to comment on Anna’s threat of fast starting on Tuesday, he said, “Parliament will decide the final shape after a healthy debate on the floor of the House. I can’t comment on what members will do. Everyone will come to know about the shape of anti-graft legislation later.”

Despite poor health, Anna has announced to go ahead with three-day fast against the government’s ‘weak’ ombudsman from Tuesday in Mumbai.

Recently, Team Anna in an open letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and MPs has said that they want ‘real and best possible’ anti-corruption law which should also provide for an independent investigative wing for the Lokpal.

On Tuesday, the Lok Sabha will begin debate on the anti-corruption Lokpal Bill.