Ahmedabad: BJP leader LK Advani on Sunday made it clear that though Team Anna has a right to voice its differences on various aspects of Lokpal Bill, the final word lies with Parliament on passing laws.

"There are no two opinions that it is Parliament which will decide the final Bill, nobody else.... Parliament will now have to decide what form to give to the Lokpal Bill," Advani told reporters.

He emphasised that BJP wanted a strong and effective Lokpal and was willing to extend full cooperation on the matter in Parliament.

"From our (BJP and NDA) side, there will be every effort to get the Bill passed. This effort was there even in the joint committee and also in meetings called by the Prime Minister and (Finance Minister) Pranab Mukherjee," he said.

He maintained that BJP has clearly stated its view in the all-party meetings on the form the Lokpal Bill should take.

Advani claimed Team Anna had discussed the Jan Lokpal Bill with the BJP leadership which in turn had pointed out "three-four" lacunaes in it.

"After discussing the Bill with us, they all had even agreed to these changes. I do not know on how many they agree with us and on how many they are still firm," he said.