With politicking on the issue of an effective Ombudsman mechanism it has hit a crescendo, none of the political parties including the ruling alliance and the Opposition are yet to muster the courage to brave the onslaught of Team Anna Hazare on the smoldering matter of corruption. A befitting example of the cowardice displayed by the political parties was clearly visible during the debate in the Parliament and the All-party meeting called on the issue by Prime Minister. Even though the ruling alliance and the Opposition exchanged a string of verbal attacks and counter attacks on each other, there was nothing in the discussion which could prove the political parties concern over the plight of masses. The discussion in the Parliament gave the opportunity to political parties to settle scores with each other and the entire exercise was reduced to a preaching class. Some politicians raised a valid point of cutting across the political barriers and club hands to maintain the cachet of democratic institutions. Albeit, such verbal claims have been made on numerous occasions in the past. Therefore, alike few instances in the past, there would be again a failure of the Parliament to guide the country. Unfortunately, it has happened at a time when the prestige of Government, all political parties and the Parliament seems to be at stake. Even though the political parties tried to warn each- other, but they collectively failed to prepare themselves on this issue. The Men-in-Khadi were more concerned to ensure that no harm was caused to the supremacy and dignity of the Parliament, but in process they failed to realise that the masses had started questioning its power. Turning the back towards these questions would prove a feeble effort and a lack of foresightedness. It is highly disconcerting that such an approach is being adopted at a time when the public anger against politicians is transforming into an outrage. Why are the political parties ignoring the fact that their own modus operandi has turned out to be the most important reason behind the rampant corruption. Under such circumstances, one can ridicule the government preaching to the masses to perform the duties outlined in the Constitution. On the contrary, the edification is required to the political parties themselves, as they have forgotten to follow what they preach. 

The failure of the All-party meeting on Lokpal and Jan Lokpal was a writing of the wall, and enough hints in this context had been served by the Union Government. Being defensive on the crusade of Gandhian Anna Hazare, the Centre initially tried to hide under the guise of Delhi police. When efforts failed, the Union government used the Parliament and the All-party meeting as a shield to defend itself. Government is lacking will power and courage to find a solution to the crisis, more than often resort to similar tactics. Reflecting courage does not mean that the Centre should surrender before all the demands of Team Anna and approve the Jan Lokpal Bill before August 30. Amidst the brouhaha, one fails to understand the logic of the UPA government to stick to its version of Lokpal which has not only prompted Anna Hazare to sit on a protest but also united the Opposition in their efforts to slam the Government draft. Is the Union Government yet to realize that its version of Lokpal draft has infuriated the masses against ruling alliance?