Change of regime adversely affects matters of national importance. This is clearly evident from the Supreme Court’s order to the Centre to link major rivers of the country with one another in a time-bound manner. After the orders of the Supreme Court, the Centre has to explain as to why the project was put on the backburner?  Is it because the project was a brain child of the NDA government? If yes, then it is very disappointing. It seems that partisan politics holds larger importance than issues of national interest to people sitting at the helm of affairs. If this wasn’t the case then why was the project put on hold in 2004 after the UPA government came to power at the Centre? Eight years have been wasted by the government due to its narrow political approach. A large part of the river-linking project would have been completed had it not been neglected by the UPA government. Now the government has to start from the scratch and also bear the burden of extra expenses which may run into crores of rupees. The Supreme Court’s order on the river-linking project raises a question mark on the functioning of the government. The Supreme Court has also formed an empowered committee to look into the implementation of the project.

It is disappointing that the Supreme Court had to meddle in a matter that should be the priority of the government. Ironically this is not the first time that the judiciary had to remind the executive of its rights and duties. Whether it was the question of bringing back the blackmoney stashed in foreign banks or strengthening the Food Distribution System, there was no need for the Supreme Court to interfere in the matter but due to the lackluster attitude of the centre the Apex Court was forced to do so. The leaders sitting at the helm of affairs cannot play vendetta politics relating to matters of national importance. The empowered committee set up by the Supreme Court to look into the river-linking project constitutes of members of the Water Resources, Ministry of Environment and Forests, Finance Ministry along with the Planning Commission. In spite of all this we cannot ensure that the project will move ahead with speed. This dream can only be realised when both the states and the Centre work together in this direction.