During their one and a half hour long closed door discussions, Manohar Parrikar said, he and Ashton Carter "reviewed the cooperation between our armed forces which have grown stronger".

The two leaders discussed a range of issues covering the entire spectrum of the bilateral defence partnership.

''We noted the good progress made under DTTI (US-India Defence Technology and Trade Initiative)," Parrikar said about the discussions held during his maiden visit to the US.

"I think what we have achieved in the last 15 months is remarkable and probably a month against a year" since independence, Parrikar told reporters in the joint news conference with the US Defence Secretary, Carter.

Carter added that they "talked about maritime domain, security throughout Asia, South Asia, and so forth".

Noting that Indo-Asia-Pacific is one of the most consequential parts of the world for America's future, Carter said the US "welcomes India's rise as a security partner in the region: a region where half of humanity lives, and half of the world's economic activity takes place".

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