Both Parrikar and Kejriwal are automatic contenders for comparison, given the remarkable similarity of their background, political rise and even sombre appearances. While Parrikar has a degree in metallurgical engineering, Kejriwal is a mechanical engineer. Alumni of the IIT-Kharagpur have thrown a phalanx around Kejriwal, India's second IITian Chief Minister, especially, after Parrikar made snide remarks against the Aam Aadmi Party leader earlier this week.

“Parrikar’s comments are way too partisan and uncalled for. We are very proud of Kejriwal's achievements. What he has accomplished is truly historic," Silicon Valley-based Pran Kurup said via email.

Parrikar, a BJP politician serving as Chief Minister for the third time and an IIT-Bombay graduate, had claimed that he was embarrassed at being called an ‘IITian CM’ after the Delhi ‘nautanki’ (farce).

“Nowadays, I don't want to be introduced as an IITian Chief Minister after the ‘nautanki’ of Delhi,” Parrikar commented, referring to Kejriwal's dharna in the heart of the national capital demanding action against the errant policemen.

Another Kejriwal batchmate, Sanjiva Singh - a California-based entrepreneur - appreciated Parrikar’s ‘good work’ but quipped that he feels proud of the Goa Chief Minister being an IITian even if the latter does not.

"His comment is politically motivated. What Kejriwal and AAP are doing comes closest in spirit and ambition to what our freedom fighters did to rid the country of the evil empire. I am sure lots of their activities were called ‘nautanki’ also by vested interests at that time," said Sanjiva.



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