CPI (M) cited that the statement is a "shocking call to act outside law and suggests patronizing state-sponsored terrorism, damaging" India's demand for action against Pakistan-backed militants.

"In a widely reported interview he (Parrikar) said that 'terrorists will be met by terrorists'. This is a shocking call from the Defence Minister to act outside the law and in fact suggests patronizing 'state-sponsored' terrorism. It does damage to India's demand for action against Pakistan-backed terrorists. The Prime Minister should make amends through a public correction of this statement," CPI(M) added in a statement.

Asserting that terrorists have to be neutralised only through terrorists, Parrikar had on Thursday said India will take "pro-active" steps to prevent a 26/11 type attacks hatched from foreign soil.

The Minister used Hindi phrase "kante se kanta nikalna" (removing a thorn with a thorn) and wondered why Indian soldiers should be used to neutralize terrorists.

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