In order to properly deal with sensitive issues like harassment of women at workplace and stop these in an effective manner, an internal committee needs to be constituted.

Not only major national parties like Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), even a regional party like Mayawati-led Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is looking less-spirited and careless towards the issue.

Alleged incidents of eve-teasing and molestations against several high-profile women candidates during the process of campaigning have also surfaced.

Women Rights activist Ranjana Kumar says that a number of cases, which are deemed to be of trivial in nature do not even come to the light. But what’s indeed shameful is that even after these incidents are reported, no strict action is taken in order to discourage the defaulters and send a strong message.

For this, the male-dominated judicial machinery of the nation is responsible to a large extent. Be it Nagma of Congress or Hema Malini of BJP, their parties tired to water-down the alleged incidents after those surfaced.

Senior advocate of Supreme Court Indira Jaisingh says that all the parties, be it regional or national should constitute an internal committee to look into such incidents. She added that the party should also ensure that the committee is comprised of some of the senior office bearers.

However, a recent research by Center for Social Research found that most of the office bearers of the parties have a casual approach towards the issue.

According to Ranjana Kumari, this very attitude speaks of the parties’ mindset of placing themselves above the all laws and rules and regulations.

The way lawmakers of this nation are making a mockery of law is indeed shocking.


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