Trinamool Congress and Samajwadi Party were closest to the deadline as their members exceeded the limit by just 23 per cent, according to an analysis. Altogether, 11 and a half hours were allotted to the debate but it continued past the time.

NCP topped the chart of parties which went beyond the time within which its members should have articulated their views during the debate held to mark the 125th anniversary of B R Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution.

Trinamool Congress had 34 minutes for its 12 members to articulate their views on the Constitution and the time limit was exceeded by 23 per cent. SP, which has 15 members, had 43 minutes and again its members exceeded limit by 23 per cent, the analysis shows.

On the other hand, NCP members exceeded the limit by 182 per cent, followed closely by CPI(M) which went beyond by 142 per cent. NCP, with 6 members, had only 17 minutes to express their views, while 9-member CPI(M) had 26 minutes to do so.

BSP, which has 10 members, exceeded the limit by 131 per cent, 12-member JD(U) by 88 per cent, 48-member BJP by 69 per cent and 67-member Congress by 36 per cent.

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