CPI(M) Rajya Sabha member Ritabrata Banerjee said people of West Bengal want law to take its course and also a fair inquiry where names of "influential" persons associated with the scam should also surface.

"The way Idris Ali is speaking, it seems that West Bengal is outside the ambit of the country... has a separate Constitution. In fact it is there, a constitution created by Trinamool Congress is there. Its own law and order is running in the state.
"It's basically a reign of terror running... And this is in continuation with the Tapas Pal statement, an MP saying in public that they will burn people... these are obnoxious statements and criminal offences," Banerjee said.

"Mamata Banerjee is not only the 'agnikanya' of West Bengal, but of India also. If she is touched or arrested then Bengal will be on fire. In that fire lot of people will die," Ali told a meeting in North 24-Parganas district yesterday.
Terming it as a "serious" matter, senior Congress leader P C Chako said the blame game and targeting of each other are not "responsible behavior".
"The fact is that if there is anything irregular over this issue which is under inquiry in West Bengal, it's a very serious matter... Politicians are also involved.
"The central government is targetting the Chief Minister for this or the chief minister is attacking the central government for the inquiry, both are not responsible behaviour," he said.
Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar said "crores of rupees have been looted from people of West Bengal" in the Saradha scam in which "TMC party members have benefited and the party is scared of BJP's challenge".

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