The #BestFriendsForever contest on social media was aimed to bring together best friends and let them openly converse about finding a partner, marriage and settling down in life. An overwhelming 7,100 responses were received.

Questions ranged from 'If a best friend could ever become a partner for life to the importance of becoming good friends with your future partner.'

When asked to define a best friend, 68 percent said 'someone who cares', 16 percent opined 'Someone who spends most of his time with you' and another 16 percent 'Someone who always takes your side.'

When asked if a friend of the opposite gender can stay your best friend forever, a majority 90 percent said yes. When asked if your partner, can become your best friend forever, 74 percent responded yes and 20 percent said "No."

A research on the responses saw a clear and strong expression of three interesting opinions the audience spoke about friendship and marriage.

1.    A married couple can become the best of friends

2.    Best friends can remain friends forever even after marrying someone else

3.    It's necessary to be friends first before marrying someone

"The BestFriendsForever campaign brought out the friendship bond and was the perfect way for us to celebrate Friendship Day on Social Media and, most importantly, talk about the crucial decision making process of marriage," says Kaushik Tiwari, Head of Marketing at

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