Ludhiana: TTE has created ‘Mafia Raj ‘on the local railway station which considers Foot Over Bridge (FoB) a safe place to extort money from the passengers.

There was a chaos on the roundabout above the FoB when some three members of the women’s TTE squad accosted Naresh Kumar and his family who were on their way to Ludhiana from Patna .While Naresh Kumar had booked tickets for his wife, he had not done so for his two children aged 2 and 4 four years respectively as they were underaged and they didn’t need a ticket to travel.

TTE asked the couple to pay Rs 340 as the charge which included penalty also. Naresh was peeved by the fact when his one of the sons was only four years old why he should pay the charge for his ticket.

At this the lady TTE started bullying the family members. Listening to their noise, crowd started gathering there. Later on TTE took them to her office located on the station where they charged Rs 200 from the family.

Shocked Naresh Kumar came out of the railway platform and went to the ASM office and lodged his complaint

He has requested the Railway authorities to stop extortion by officials.


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